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Portsmouth Revisited

Now open - Portsmouth Revisited, our major new exhibition

This display brings together a selection of views of Portsmouth, with the earliest work painted over 300 years ago and the most recent produced in the early 1900s.

Most of the paintings and prints are from Portsmouth's art collection. Carefully chosen loans from national, regional and private collections show the city from different points of view; several have never been exhibited in Portsmouth before.

We invite you to step back in time and take a fresh look at Portsmouth through the eyes of an artist.

This display covers just a small part of Portsmouth's history, with a second part opening in 2020 to feature works from the 20th century to present day.

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Her Majesty The Queen, Tate, Museums Sheffield, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum and private collectors.

Image credit: Detail from On the Point, Portsmouth by Admiral WH Smyth. ©Portsmouth Museums Service.

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In the ‘Story of Portsmouth’ you can discover how life at home has changed over the centuries, with reconstructions of a 17th century bedchamber, an 1871 dockyard worker’s kitchen, a Victorian parlour, a 1930s kitchen and a 1950s living room.

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