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Introduction to Wildlife Drawing

Develop your art skills by creating line drawings using butterflies, birds and mammals

Develop your art skills by creating line drawings using butterflies, birds and mammals from the museum's Natural History collections. Tutor Linda Turner will provide individual guidance throughout the day as well as demonstrating her own drawing techniques

Suitale for adults (aged 18+). Ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their art skills

Advance booking essential as only 10 places are available. Tel: 02392 834744.

The aims of the workshop are to enable workshop students to produce a drawing with shading to create a realistic effect. Using specimens from Portsmouth Museums' Natural History Collections you will learn how to look for the basic shapes and relationship lines in an exhibit to start and complete a drawing with appropriate shading.

This one-day workshop is ideal for students who are new to drawing or wish to develop their techniques. These skills may also be used for other reasons such as supporting children with their studies (for example biology) and as a stress reducing occupation.

By the end of workshop students will be able to:

  • Recognise the basic shapes of the exhibits to enable the initial planning of a drawing.
  • Create a line drawing by observing an exhibit.
  • Apply shading to establish the direction of a light source and add realism.

Please bring a 2B pencil and sketch paper. Costs of artist quality pencils range from Derwent 2B £1.55 to Caran D’Ache £2.75;  A4 sketch pad, 50 sheets, 135gsm / 90lbs weight from £5.99 upwards. A5 sketch pad 50 sheets £3.99.

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