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Marine Reptiles

These beautiful hand painted plaster models of an Ichthyosaur and a Plesiosaur are thought to be the work of Vernon Edwards.

Through collaborating with scientists at the British Museum (Natural History) from the 1920s - 1940s, Edwards was able to produce reconstructions of extinct animals based on scientific knowledge at the time.

Edwards' models were produced by Gregory Botley & Co and were mainly sold to museums. In 1950, following Edwards' death, the company was able to carry on producing the models. Their catalogue of the time stated:

"'We have great pleasure in announcing, the re-opening of our Department making and supplying Geological Models of Extinct Animals, Casts and Reconstructions, Maps and Dioramas. We are fortunate in securing the services of Mrs Vernon Edwards and her assistants, for whom we are acting as sole agent. The late Mr Vernon Edwards celebrated reconstructions and Dioramas are much enjoyed in the British Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Practical Geology, and other well-known Museums, Universities and Colleges throughout the world"