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Image reproduction and filming

This page describes the arrangements for filming and photography at our museums, obtaining copies of images (for personal or commercial use), image reproduction fees and use of images by the media.

Getting copies of photographs and other images

Unless prevented by copyright, we can normally supply copies of photographs or other images as photographic prints, for the following fees.
Print size 7 x 5 inches: £4
Print size 8 x 6 inches: £5
Print size 10 x 8 inches: £6
Print size 12 x 10 inches: £9
These prices include VAT and postage. We may be able to reproduce images at a larger size: please contact us for details.
Any reproduction fees that apply (if you are reproducing the image in a book, magazine, website etc) are an additional cost and you must receive written permission for their use in advance: please see below.

Our standard charges for supplying a digital image only are as follows: There is a charge of £10 for the digital transmission of an image (by email or file-sharing website), and a further £2 for each additional image. For scanning an image onto a CD there is a charge of £5.50, with each additional image scanned cost of £0.75.

For a small minority of artefacts, such as a particularly large or fragile item, there may be an additional charge for obtaining a photograph to reflect the complexity of the task.

Reproduction fees

Please click here to see our standard reproduction fees, which we charge when images from our collections are reproduced in publications, on websites etc. In addition to these charges, we may need to charge a fee to cover the time and any other costs involved in producing the image for you. Copyright for certain images in our collections is held by other individuals or bodies. In such cases, you will need to seek permission from the copyright holder, and a fee may be payable to them. We will advise you if this is the case when you contact us.

Reproduction of images that we supply may only be done under the conditions set out in the following documents:
Photographic Image Licence Terms and Conditions
Terms and conditions for the use of images on-line

Use of images by the media

Images of our museums for use in media articles can be downloaded from the Portsmouth Media Store website (click here) and can be reproduced for no charge. Please follow the guidelines on that website for the use of images and how to credit them.

Filming and photography at our museums

To find out more about filming at our museums, please contact Lydia Mellor, telephone 023 9268 8938, or click here to email. This includes filming inside and outside properties. Conditions and charges may apply. This includes filming by students.

If you wish to take photographs at one of our museums so that you can publish them, or for any commercial purpose, you will need permission from us in writing or by email in advance of your visit. A charge may apply. Please contact us to confirm arrangements (click here to email).