Editing the Home pages

Portal home page

  • To edit the main ‘portal’ home page https://portsmouthmuseums.co.uk/
  • Login to the site and go to Pages > Home
  • Here you can edit the text which appears on the left of the map (or above it if viewing on a phone) and the link that appears as a button underneath it.
  • To edit each intro panel that appears when a map marker is selected, go to Options
  • Scroll down until you see the Map Markers
  • Here you can alter the position that the marker appears on the map using the X and Y values
  • You can edit the intro text and the image that appears in the background of the promo
Promo for a museum as it appears on the website (when a map marker is selected)
Corresponding fields to edit, found under the portal site > Options
  • Remember to click “update” at the top of the Options page when you are done.
  • Please note that whilst you can edit the intro panel on the portal map to The D Day Story here; to edit the content on the site itself you will need to go to https://theddaystory.com/wp-admin
    Which requires a different login

Individual site home pages

  • To edit the home pages for the other 5 sites, login to the site and go to Pages > Home
  • The first block is to edit the carousel – you can change the images, text and links that appear at the top of the page
  • Underneath this is the block to edit the intro text. The “Welcome” heading should be H1
  • You can edit where the promo link in this box goes to or choose not to include one
  • Under this is the area to edit the three promos that appear horizontally
  • The text in the “Events intro” field will only appear if you have forthcoming events for the museum along with promos to the events themselves

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